This program had everything I needed after graduating college: a community of positive women who had each other’s backs as we navigated our lives. Through Young Women Rising I had my first exposure to networking events and charitable causes, as well as having a voice in a crowd and not feeling judged for it. I attribute all of this to the confidence and leadership skills I carry with me today. Once in a while, I pull out the index cards full of positive words about me written by the young women in this program. I hope that all of the past members still have, and still cherish, these little tokens of positivity too!

Stephanie Monette

Participating in Young Women Rising gave me an opportunity for leadership in a professional setting early in my career when my roles didn’t come with seniority. My experiences as part of the steering committee prepared me in confidence and experience to pursue and move into positions of leadership as my career evolved.


Young Women Rising provided me with a community of like-minded people who were committed to social justice and gender equity. The program gave me a voice and permission to truly begin my feminist awakening. Not only was YWRising instrumental in terms of my personal development, it also helped shape my career goals and aspirations.

Lauren D.

This program has impacted me positively because I’ve met a lot of positive women. It’s great to have a program where young women can network and share their experiences and continue to promote awareness of issues that impact women and make a difference.


Working shoulder to shoulder with other young women from all walks of life, background and interests was one of the best learning experiences. To work with others who are dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of women was inspiring. It made the daily challenges of being a woman feel a little less.


As the 2013 winner of the YWRising essay contest, I have never been in a room that was filled with so many like-minded, passionate, assuring people who genuinely wanted to hear the words of a young woman trying to figure out how to navigate a world designed for male advancement. I have never been so encouraged to write, to speak, and to act upon my passions for gender equality and the safeties it entails. YWRising was the affirming oxygen to the spark I had within me; the missing piece that allowed me to burst into a flame of confidence and purpose.

Kristen H.

The dynamic peer support and mentorship of YWRising helped me to understand the different career options available to young professional women. The participation of women from different professional sectors including government, social service, business and financial exposed me to different paths and opportunities for leadership. It prepared me for cross sector collaboration in the “real world.”

Kristen P.

Being part of this program helped me grow in so many different ways. I especially love the YWRising essay contest because we get to hear from so many young people about what issues are impacting our generation.


Young Women Rising has given me the leadership skills I needed to advance my career and be active in my local community.